November Rain

Hello All,

Seriously I never thought I would have to think about November as a November Rain. Why November Rain? November should be my favourite month because my birthday and most of my sibling birthday fall on this month.

But... things happen not as we wish or as we expected.

Yes. This month is when my mom left us 2 years ago.

And no one could have thought in mind that my father would also follow her after almost 2 years she left, also on this month. Please pray for both of my parents to be place in the highest Jannah and al-Fatihah to them.
Indeed we belong to Allah  and indeed to Him we will return. [Qur'an 2:156] 
I could not say much. I am away because am too sad to think all of this.

Stay tuned for next update because I would still update a trip on my birthday sooner or later.

Just needed some space. Thank you for all that pass by and drop some comments, I will pay a visit ya.



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